For more than 40 years, Pieper has been building and solidifying its reputation as the premier bar review course for students who must pass the bar exam.

Pieper Bar Review teaches students the legal concepts and exam skills necessary for success on the bar exam, and reinforces students’ knowledge through thought-provoking examples and bar exam questions. Pieper’s courses do more than teach the material to students. They enable students to master concepts as they are tested so that students can excel within the time constraints of the exam. The proof that the Pieper teaching method works is found in the success of our former students—now present-day attorneys—and we encourage you to speak with as many of them as you can.


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The Pieper Method

Our tried-and-true precepts lead to success.
Example-driven practice

During class, John, Troy, and Damian Pieper constantly provide examples of how the issues and rules of law overlap and are applied on exam essays and multiple choice questions. Students learn the law and immediately see how concepts are tested to help them develop their issue spotting skills and their ability to maximize their scores on each section of the exam.  With consistent training, students learn how to eliminate incorrect multiple choice answers and home in on the best choice, and how to develop their writing to ensure they are delivering exactly what the bar examiners expect to see in their answers.

Our educators take the test, too

For more than 40 years, we have been providing students with the information and skills they need to succeed on the exam. John Pieper has successfully taken and passed the 200 multiple-choice Multistate Bar Exam in over 30 jurisdictions! We know what issues are most frequently tested and we pass along our Multistate Bar Exam knowledge to our students throughout the course.  Our experience ensures that students are prepared for every challenge the bar exam presents.

More lesson time than any other program

Pieper Bar Review provides students with more in-class instruction than any other bar review course. For more than 150 hours, John, Troy, and Damian Pieper impart their knowledge and insight into bar exam subjects in a way that no other course can. Students who have never studied a subject in law school aren’t left to teach themselves from a book; instead they are taught everything they need from the ground up.

Emphasis on note-taking

Students absorb more information if they are actively involved in taking notes during lectures. Note-taking forces students to constantly focus and concentrate on the subject material during the entire lecture. Whether or not you consider yourself a good note-taker, John, Troy and Damian Pieper lecture in a fashion that every student can follow.

Easy-to-master mnemonics

Pieper Bar Review provides students with mnemonics to facilitate student mastery of the law and its concepts. These memory devices have proven to be invaluable aides to former students, many of whom still remember and use them in their professional practice.

Learn more about our educators, the UBE Review experts with more than 40 years of education, preparation, and experience.

Sample Bar Exam Questions