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For most students, the rigors of preparing for the bar exam begin just after law school graduation and continue furiously for 10-11 weeks until the exam.  For students who need more time to prepare, we offer the Early Start Home Study Program.

Whether you are a foreign-trained attorney who has limited experience with the subjects tested on the exam, a practicing attorney from another jurisdiction who cannot devote two consecutive months to bar preparation, or perhaps a student who simply wants to get ahead, the Early Start Home Study Program will enable you to begin studying today. You don’t have to wait for the start of our next class. Instead, we provide you with immediate access to the lectures from our most recent classes via on line streaming video. You’ll get access to all lectures, receive all the materials, and have access to all of our resources, from essay grading to our team of attorneys. Two weeks before your bar exam, we’ll provide you with access to our Home Study Update which will bring your up to speed on any recent developments in the law (which are unlikely to be tested, but which we provide to you so you know that all of your law is current), as well as John Pieper’s predictions of what is likely to be tested on your upcoming exam. With the Early Start Home Study Program, you can study at your own pace and get ahead, so that you’ll be ready to pass on exam day.

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Special Details

The cost of the Pieper Home Study program is $3,300.  Your Home Study program will be shipped to you anywhere in the continental U.S. via FEDEX ground service unless otherwise requested. Payment may be in the form of certified check, bank check, money order or major credit card. Please note that the Pieper Home Study is a special offer to which other offers, discounts and incentives do not apply. Note that international shipping is at the student’s expense which will be applied to the account on file.

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Through concentrating on the required study plan, I was able to succeed on the bar exam with the early-start home study program.
–Munib Khan, SOAS
University of London

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