Class Lectures

Offering more in-class lecture hours than any other bar review program, Pieper Bar Review integrates overlapping subjects to achieve seamless coverage of every exam topic.  With a consistent approach, clear examples, and mnemonic devices to help students retain key concepts, students build a foundation in the law that is the essential component to their bar exam success.

Essays and MPTs Graded by Our Team of Attorneys

Essay writing is an important part of the bar exam, and students are trained from the earliest stages of the course to begin developing their essay writing skills to help them maximize their scores on the exam.  In addition to their regular essay assignments, students complete four essay exams (twelve essays) and five MPTs under timed conditions to be individually graded, analyzed, and critiqued by our team of attorney graders. Students will be able test their skills using actual MEE essays, and MPTs, along with the analysis and point sheets released by the bar examiners.

Essay Writing Workshop

Pieper students attend the Pieper Essay Writing Workshop. Here, students write three additional essays and immediately review each essay with John, Troy, and Damian Pieper to learn how to identify the issues being tested, organize an answer, select which rules of law to include in the answer, and apply the facts from the question to ensure the highest scores.

Multiple-Choice Testing

Students complete daily multiple-choice assignments that reinforce the substantive material as well as candidates’ test-taking skills. To help students prepare for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) given on the second day of the bar exam, Pieper provides more than 1,500 practice questions, including every actual exam question released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners within the past ten years.  Plus, Pieper’s detailed answer explanations train students to select the “best” answer when they have narrowed down the choices and might otherwise be forced to guess.

The Pieper Integrated Multistate Workshop

In addition to more than 1,500 Multistate questions assigned for practice, the Pieper Method integrates a Multistate Workshop into its Multistate lectures. Time is taken during each Multistate lecture so students can immediately test themselves on their ability to apply the law to various fact patterns, thus reinforcing the new material. John, Troy, and Damian Pieper will then review the questions in class, breaking down how fact patterns are constructed and how to select correct answers.

The Pieper Multistate Performance Test (MPT) Workshop

The MPT presents students with a fictitious assignment requiring the student to complete a legal assignment (most commonly, to write a letter, a brief, or a memorandum of law) based on a case file and relevant case law provided by the bar examiners. The MPT’s focus is on legal analysis, fact application and problem-solving—the examiners want to see if the candidate can perform legal tasks.

During the Pieper MPT workshop, students review prior performance exams, develop an approach to the MPT, and create a system for separating pertinent information from irrelevant and conflicting data included in the packet. Both as part of the Pieper MPT Workshop and throughout the course, Pieper students complete actual released Performance Tests to ensure they are prepared for this critical component of the Bar Exam.

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For students repeating the Bar Exam who have not studied with Pieper Bar Review, but with another full bar review course within the past five years, tuition for the Full Bar Review Course is $1,595. You must submit a receipt indicating the aforementioned.


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Without your lectures as well as all your wonderful materials, I do not think I would have been able to pass the NY Bar.
–P. Sharma
Hofstra Law Schoool
I felt Pieper prepared me more than any other bar prep course would. I found myself having a deeper understanding of the law, much more than others who took other bar prep courses…
–Everett K. Hopkins
J.D. CUNY School of Law

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