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We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some people like contracts and struggle with torts. Some people like torts and struggle with contracts. Some of us battle to get our thoughts down on paper, and others of us labor to pick the correct answer choice on MBE questions even when we have the answer choices narrowed down to two. And some of us just struggle to make sense of the material, trying to find a balance of how much to study, how much to practice, what to focus on, and when to move on.

Whether you’re concerned with one area of the exam or many, a good tutor can get you on track and keep you there as you prepare for the exam. A tutor will help you to study more efficiently, and motivate you to perform even when you don’t think you’ve studied enough to practice. If you’ve ever worked with a trainer at the gym to help get you into shape, you’ll remember the days when you didn’t want to get out of bed, but knowing that you’d committed to a tutor and yourself, you pushed yourself to perform. The same personal accountability with your tutor will ensure that you put yourself in the best position to pass the exam.

Get the Most Out of Yourself

No matter where you struggle, Pieper’s tutors can prepare you for the exam. We’ve improved students’ scores in essay writing, MPTs, and the multiple choice questions, and gotten them to comprehend any of the substantive areas with which they have struggled by breaking down the law and building a basic understanding of the big picture and how concepts work.  Pieper Tutors tailor study schedules, identify strengths and weaknesses, assign and critique additional work, and monitor candidates’ performance throughout the bar review course and right through the exam.  Pieper tutors meet with students in two-hour segments.  Approximately 75% of the students in Pieper’s Advanced Tutoring program sign up for nine two-hour sessions occurring weekly from the start of bar review right up to the exam for $5,400 ($300 per hour), while others elect to meet on fewer occasions, in two-hour blocks for $325 per hour depending on their needs and schedules. Working with a Pieper tutor is an investment in yourself that will ensure you are getting the most out of your valuable study time, and instill the confidence you need to pass the exam.

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For full-service tutoring, the hourly rate is $300 ($5,400 for nine two-hour session). For a la carte tutoring, the hourly rate is $325 ($650 per two-hour session).
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Your tutor Shannon was extremely helpful. She was always there when I needed to talk out an essay issue or topic question.
–Brent W.
Hofstra Law School
I had previously taken BarBri with bad results. My confidence was down and I thought passing the bar was an achievement I could not reach. Damian changed my view of this. He not only gave me the skills to pass the exam, he also gave me the confidence I needed to pass, which is half the battle.
–Colleen McCormack
J.D. Ave Maria School of Law

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