Participation in a Law Journal, Moot Court Board, or a Career in Public Interest or Public Service

For a limited time, Pieper Bar Review is offering discounted tuition to students who served on their school’s academic journal, moot court team, or have committed to a career in public service. To apply for the discount, contact us today.

Credit for membership on an academic journal is available for students who were selected to work on a regularly published academic journal as a result of their GPA and their participation and performance in the school’s journal writing competition. Similarly, the credit for membership on moot court is available for students who were selected to the school’s primary moot court team as a result of their GPA and their participation and performance in the school’s moot court competition. Pieper Bar Review offers a discounted tuition to individuals committed to careers in the public interest or public service sectors, and/or in providing legal services for the poor. To be eligible for the tuition discount, participants must be employed or have a commitment to be employed, by a Loan Repayment Assistance Program-eligible employer.

To request your discount, use the coupon code “JOURNAL” for academic journal, “MOOT” for Moot Court, and “PUBLIC”or public interest at checkout. Click here to register now.

Repeat Bar Review Course Students

Going through the process of studying and taking the bar exam once is hard enough—having to do it again can be extremely stressful. This is why Pieper Bar Review is offering another tuition discount. Any repeat bar review students, including non-Pieper students, who have taken a course in the past five years will have the opportunity to retake the Pieper course with a discount of $900. Repeat Pieper students may be eligible for the full Pieper Guarantee. Click here to learn more.

Pieper Bar Review is the sole arbiter of eligibility for all discounts, so if you are unsure of your eligibility, email us at or call us at 516.747.4311. Proof of eligibility for all discounts and credits (academic journal or moot court membership, bar association membership, employment status, and non-refundable deposits paid to competitors) and satisfaction of account balance must be provided before a bar review course admission card will be issued.