calendar_today March 14 2023, By Pieper Bar Review


Updated March 14 2023. Originally published June 07 2020

Whether you're taking the bar exam for the first time or re-taking the exam, you know that studying for the bar exam is a monumentally time-consuming task with many challenges along the way. If you're having difficulty understanding a specific topic, or you're struggling with your writing or the multiple choice, you should know that a private bar exam tutor can train you to perform at your best.

The best bar exam tutors are highly skilled bar exam professionals, who have vast experience in helping candidates just like you prepare for the bar exam. They can help you overcome any obstacles that stand between you and success, so you can take the bar exam with confidence.

A professional bar exam tutor will:

  • Allow you to study at your own pace and focus on areas where you are struggling.
  • Explain fundamental concepts that you don't understand.
  • Identify your weaknesses in order to turn them into your strengths.
  • Provide you with a new approach to studying for the bar exam to supplement what you are learning in your bar course.
  • Develop your organization and time management on the MPT.
  • Teach you how to study properly for the bar exam.
  • Give you valuable feedback on your work habits.
  • Help you improve your MEE issue spotting and writing skills.
  • Improve your multiple choice score by teaching you important skills and process of elimination tips.
  • Provide you with more materials. Remember the more you practice the better you'll get, so take advantage of extra multiple choice and essay questions that a tutor offers.
  • Help you create a study schedule that works just for you.
  • Give you individualized help in the areas that you need to master.
  • Offer flexibility, so you can pick the best time to meet.